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It is highly recommended that each resident of a household prepare a Prescription list of all medications that you are taking. An easy to use form is provided by SAFFR™ for your use. The following instructions should be followed;

1. This list should be typewritten or very clearly printed. You should upload it

    into your computer for easy access and any necessary change or printing.

2. It should be placed in a plastic vile with each occupant’s name on it. One of

    your regular prescription vials works nicely for this.

3. The vile should be placed in plain sight in your refrigerator egg tray or holder.

4. It should be updated every time that your medications change. This is urgent!

5. Be sure to change the “update” date every time that it is updated.

6. The First Responders will expect this Prescription List to be placed as directed

    above. Time may well be saved with this easy to provide information.

7. You should also carry a copy of this list in your purse or wallet at all times.

8. It is a very convenient way to provide to care facilities such as your medical

    appointments and/or Hospital visits.

9. If you have a home health-care practitioner you will want to provide this

    Medication list to that practitioner.

Remember, this is your health – your Life.

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