Secure Access For First Responders, LLC 

 Secure Access For First Responders, LLC(SAFFR)

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How would you be rescued from your home if you are alone and unable to get to the door? 

 We can help you!

You have called 911, your doors are locked and all of your windows are secured, as they should be. You are unable to get to your door.

* The First Responders have arrived but cannot get in to assist you and your needs, unless - they break a window or break through a door. That is expensive and causes further delay. They may be required to wait until the Police arrive before they can use force to enter your home. This time lapse could mean the difference between life and death. Forced entry causes damage, is messy and unpleasant for all concerned and may cause injury to those who are there to assist you.

Yes, we can help you!

Our SAFFR™ program installs a Key Safe on the exterior of your home that can be used in case of an emergency. The Police and Fire Departments, will have access to the Key Safe on your home; if and only when they are called to your home in an emergency. They may also provide it to the responding EMTs, when necessary. Only at that time is the code sent to the first responders who are in route. It is sent to them electronically, by way of their CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatch) system.