Secure Access For First Responders, LLC 

Secure Access For First Responders, LLC (SAFFR)

21 Cuenca Cir.

Hot Springs Village, AR 71909


Q: Will there be any additional charges or renewal


A: No, there are no service or renewal charges.

Q: Will you tell me the code?

A: Yes. If you are registered with you

    will need the code for them. If you ever change

    the code you need to notify them that same day!

Q: Where will it be installed on my home?

A: If you have a garage, it will be installed on the left

    door frame if possible. If you have a carport or

    none at all, it will installed where the First

    Responders are most likely to expect to find it.

Q: Why do you need to have the names of all


A: If you are alone this information may assist the

    First Responders in getting the care you need.

Q: If I lock myself out of my home will they come and

    let me in?

A: No this is not a "lock-out service" You can open the

    Key Safe and use the key yourself. You must return

    the key to the Key Safe. Or, you can have us install

    a 2nd Key Safe (at a discount). You should never

    "hide-a-key" in what you think might be a safe

    place. A burglar knows all the "safe" places. With

    your own private Key Safe you can change the

    code as often as you wish and you can use it to

    allow a guest, housekeeper, or someone else that

    you trust, to use it while you are gone. You can

    then change that code upon your return.

Q: Do all homes have the same code?

A: No, each Key Safe is individually coded.

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