Secure Access For First Responders, LLC 

Protect your business day and night.

Allow the First Responders immediate access to save your property.

Every second counts!

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Commercial Property Owners

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Secure Access For First Responders, LLC(SAFFR)
21 Cuenca Cir.

Hot Springs Village, AR 71909



Have you ever thought or worried about how the Fire Department or Police Department would be able to access your business in case of an emergency, fire, water pipe break, burglary, or other emergency at night or during off hours?

Please know that Secure Access for First Responders™ is not just for your residence.  This life and property saving program offers many benefits to the business owner and to the property owner.

  • Save a Life!
  • Eliminate or reduce property damage and the expense of a forced entry into your business.

  • No waiting for the property or business owner to arrive in the middle of the night.

  • The SAFFR program reduces response time in allowing the Fire Officers and/or Police Officers to access the problem quickly.

  • Requires no building modification.

  • Does not use a master key, therefore eliminating the mis-use by key holders and potential loss of key.

  • Push button code allows access to your key in 3-5 seconds.

  • Substantial savings vs. other key safe program offered in the community.
  • Full cooperation and support of Police and Fire Departments.